There is a huge variety of pet product manufacturers and individual makers in the market that ordinary person simply gets lost in their abundance. How and what to choose to make it the most appropriate and safest option for both the dog and the owner?

Probably many of you got lost in an unfamiliar environment, in a foreign city or another country’s territory at least once in a lifetime. Remember how you wandered around by not finding the right path, direction, or exit? How hopefully you looked at the person who was trying to help you even if you didn’t know his language, with all the possible signs, facial expressions, and characters, you tried to explain the coordinates of the area you needed.

Rest and sleep are very important both fur us and our four-legged family members. Our mood, ability to work and energy depends on the quality of sleep, therefore, we pay great attention to choosing comfortable beds as well as mattresses, high-quality bedding, pillows, etc. Our four-legged family members deserve to have a comfy rest zone as well.

Probably, most of us in our childhood rode on a wooden horse made by our grandfather, tasted grandmother’s cooked black currant jam, or made a snowman with mom’s knitted gloves… Those memories are fun but what warms the heart even stronger are the handicrafts of our loved ones, full of kindness and love.