Why does a pet need an ID tag?

Probably many of you got lost in an unfamiliar environment, in a foreign city or another country’s territory at least once in a lifetime. Remember how you wandered around by not finding the right path, direction, or exit? How hopefully you looked at the person who was trying to help you even if you didn’t know his language, with all the possible signs, facial expressions, and characters, you tried to explain the coordinates of the area you needed. And what kind of relief you felt when you found what you were looking for. Even if you wander for half a day, you have a lot of opportunities to find what you are looking for. The options for your lost pet are limited: alone, scared, disturbed, it would wander in unfamiliar territory, risking to injure, falling under the wheels, being attacked by wild or large pets and aggressive people. You can probably imagine the stress, fear, pain, and despair it experiences when suddenly he/she loses sight of the owner. It may happen in the event of a natural disaster, a thunderstorm, fireworks, or an unexpected traffic accident.

Or the dog might be simply seduced by the smell of a female dog, distracted by a wild animal or bird – it all might lead your dog to unfamiliar territories. No matter how educated, trained or obedient your pet is – any life threatening situations are possible.

The engraved ID tag is the first aid in case your pet gets lost. The clearly visible pet’s name on the charm will make it easier for people who have found a lost four-legged to make contact with it, encourage it, and will strengthen its confidence. It is possible that called after its name the four-legged will allow being petted, so when you turn over the charm you will only have to dial the phone number indicated therein. This will shorten the pet’s journey back home.

Currently, in most European countries it is mandatory to mark your pet with microchips and to register it to the database which simplifies the identification of the pet’s owner but in order to make it happen, it has to be scanned by relevant authorities as veterinary clinics, animal shelters, etc. It is not always the most convenient way for the person who might have found your pet (remote area, lack of time or no transportation options, other limited opportunities, etc.)

Therefore, an engraved ID tag with the pet’s name and the owner’s phone number is a great and fast way to get your four-legged family member home as quickly as possible. Choose a desired shape and color of the charm: silver, gold, rose gold, or black. Everything is in your hands – contact us and your duo with a four-legged friend will get the best deal.