About us

I am Ernesta – a sensitive dark-haired founder of Wagging Tail with black like charcoal eyes and with a big heart. My childhood summers have been spent among the various animals raised by my grandmother. Dogs, cats, chickens, little lambs – I used to pet them and talked like they were people. They used to hear me, and I understood them. Loved them. I remember, as soon as I got off the ground, I saw a small, recently born white puppy at my grandmother’s neighbor, I hugged it and didn’t release until my grandmother nodded approvingly, couldn’t stand my burning gaze. That’s how I acquired my first friend.

Dogs are my great passion, love and fullness. A. Schopenhauer’s quote describes it all in a short sentence: “Anyone who has never owned a dog can’t know what loving and being loved really means”.
To the faithful four-legged – You are the whole world. It’s love is without any reservations or conditions. The loving dog never asks you any questions and does not require answers.

Grikis – is a Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever who came into my world not alone. His playfulness and energy sparked the idea of the Wagging Tail brand. Grikis without a doubt became the main face of the brand. In order to provide my new family member with quality and exclusive accessories, I started to create them myself.

Grikis really liked them so I decided to wade deeper and share these products with a wider audience. The brand name comes from Kinky Friedman’s quote “Money can buy you a fine dog but only love can make him wag his tail”.

Thus, only the love for you can make your dog wag its tail. And when that love is mutual – everyone is happy, both four-legged and its owner which is our goal.

Wagging Tail supports small businesses and Lithuanian craftsmen. Handcrafted masterpieces made by craftsman are exceptional and unique. Some even say there’s “soul” in a handmade product that mass-produced items do not have.
These products reveal their unique birth story, introducing us to a journey of spectacular beauty from the heart to heart.

Wagging Tail chooses the highest quality materials for every single product. We care not only about the aesthetics and beauty of our products but also the quality.

We have carefully and responsibly searched for the best fabric, leather and hardware manufacturers with whom we successfully cooperate in order to create long-lasting, durable, and comfortable products.

We invite you to unfold our craftsman’s story in every single product of Wagging Tail.

P.S. Never forget – only love can make your dog wag his tail.

Yours, Wagging Tail 🙂


Huge applause for the team of Wagging Tail! They manufacture not only beautiful and stylish products but also very high-quality ones!

Milda and Rokoko

Only the best words about W.T.! The order was fulfilled very quickly, we got a very beautiful and high-quality collar that exceeded all our expectations. Communication was extremely pleasant, they did not spare time for advice and help.

Ilona and Giana

Honest recommendations! Not a single piece of Wagging Tail products has been disappointing – we have a beautiful biothane leash, amazing dog bed, treat bag and ID tag from them. Each time every order was carefully packed and very pleasant. Moreover, the communication is wonderful! We are happy to have you and wishing you all the best!

Justina and Nima

The set of biothane collar and leash is perfect! High quality, beautiful and most importantly – the size fits perfectly. By the way, the communication was really warm and the order arrived quickly, we also got a small present. Highly recommended!

Milda and Jimmy

Thank you for your sincerity, informal approach, for your time, lots of valuable information and very nice communication. We are extremely happy we have discovered Wagging Tail. We can see you do everything with love and warmth and this is why your products are so cozy and cute. We are really happy with a collar and leash we have ordered – the quality is really high, it is perfectly beautiful, aesthetic, with delicate details, simply perfect.

Daiva and Brukne

Best recommendations! We ordered a biothane set for a puppy, asked to change the engraving of the ID tag via INSTAGRAM and they even replied right away at 23:30. The set was manufactured and shipped very fast. Everything from the first message to the package – simply perfect.

Arminas and Luna

We bought an amazingly beautiful and high quality dog bed. The product is absolutely worth its price! Moreover, the communication was extremely friendly, the service was prompt and the quality – excellent. When interacting with Wagging Tail, you can easily feel how important each customer is. We are happy we have discovered you and we will definitely come back. Thank you!

Viktorija and Beilis

Excellent communication, answered all my questions and helped me choose the right dog bed.
Amazing quality! The softness of the material, the comfort of the bed. I really liked it, the puppy immediately fell in love with it as well. Speed - made and shipped very quickly.

Auguste and Pupa

Very nice, comfortable and stylish dog beds! Will definitely fit to any home interior.

Deimante, Lu and Nula

Great service! Beautiful and hight quality good. The leash has been made according to my special request.

Ginta and Elvis

The collar is very soft, beautiful, and easy to clean and it is easy to choose the right size thanks to their size chart. The ID tag holds up perfectly and looks beautiful. The order is packed with every detail in mind, even with a gift for a dog. Honest recommendations, very warm communication of the founder, she seems to be an extremely nice and warm person! Thank you!

Giedre and Maja

Top quality products, exceptionally pleasant communication, intuitive and stylish website. I think we will beautify Luna with more various Wagging Tail products!

Ovidijus and Luna

Thank you very much, I am very happy we have chosen you. Quality, packaging, products - everything was extremely gratifying!

Vita and Beilis

Thank you! Benji is thankful as well!

Gabrielė and Benji

Thank you for dog collars, both of them are perfect!

Ieva, Moka and Meta

Huge thank you from Saturday and Friday! We really liked it a lot! Both of them are really beautiful and what is most important – high quality is felt right away.

Saturday and Friday

We are very happy to have chosen such a beautiful collar, thank you. It fits for Iris perfectly too!

Laura and Irisas

Thank you very much! We really like the collar. It is comfortable, beautiful, high quality, light and shines beautifully!

Viktorija and Rube

We really liked the collar and the treat bag! It is such a handy item, I finally have no crumbs of treats in my pockets. And of course Rumba sends huge thank you for an added gift, thank you!

Gabija and Rumba

Already wearing our new collar, everything is perfect – both the width and the color looks very nice, thank you!

Arune and Beila